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The Modified Square Stitch

The modified square stitch is my signature stitch.  While it is not the only stitch I use, it is the primary one and is used in 97% of my designs.  The traditional square stitch is the strongest of all the beading stitches, especially when worked using my unique modified method as illustrated below.  When finished, each bead will have between 6 to 9 strands of thread through it with the exception of the beginning and ending rows which I reinforce for added strength.  Although it is very time consuming and requires a lot of thread, pieces worked in this manner are made to last for many generations. All of my pieces worked in square stitch carry my personal guarantee not to "fall apart" through normal use and care.





Using my unique modified version of the traditional square stitch, if the piece were to be accidentally cut, the beads will not move, unlike other stitches, and the cut can be easily repaired.  My unique method is not to be compared to the traditional style of square stitch which will only have half the number of strands of thread through each bead (see illustrations by E. Hackbarth below).








Chi Miigwetch!

square stitch.jpg
mod square stitch.jpg
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